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Post-Construction Cleaning in Aiea

Residental Post construction
Top Level Cleaners took on the task of cleaning a property in Aiea after construction work. The furniture was dirty, and the kitchen required extensive cleaning due to paint and red tape on the floor. Additionally, there were traces of glue or white paint in the cabinets. The kitchen also had food items that needed to be removed and then replaced after cleaning. In the bathroom, all tiles were cleaned, and any calcium buildup was removed.

Execution: Our team at Top Level Cleaners diligently completed the following tasks:

  1. Kitchen Cleaning:

  • Thorough cleaning of the kitchen from top to bottom.
  • Removal of paint and red tape from the floor.
  • Cleaning of cabinets to remove glue or paint residue.
  • Removing food items and reorganizing them after cleaning.

  1. Bathroom Cleaning:

  • Cleaning of all tiles in the bathroom.
  • Removal of any calcium buildup.

Outcome: Top Level Cleaners successfully completed the post-construction cleaning project in Aiea. Despite the challenges posed by the construction debris and dirt, our team ensured that the property was left sparkling clean and ready for use. We take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to providing high-quality cleaning services.
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